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Bride like a boss. #WeddingWednesday

You're recently engaged and very eager to start planning your wedding. Only one problem, you have no clue where to start. 

 You've collected an abundance of magazines, followed every bridal blog imaginable, and pinned your little heart out, but what next? One of the first things I tell brides to do is to simply, breathe. It's so easy to become overwhelmed with just the THOUGHT of planning a wedding that many brides give up before even getting started. Since your here, take a second to read a few of MY suggestions, to help guide your planning process. 

1. Establish a budget:

One of the most important questions when exploring options is, how much are you willing to spend on your wedding day? Not everyone desires to have a $30,000 + wedding and this is completely understandable. Having a limited budget doesn't mean you can't have the day of your dreams.  It just means budgeting is KEY and is going to be crucial especially in the beginning of the planning process. 

2. Weddings are NOT family reunions:

In my opinion this is equally as important as number one. The bulk of your budget is spent on your wedding guests, therefore a smaller guest list means less money spent. You may feel obligated to invite everyone in your office, but this is not and should not be expected - unless you are THAT close. Guest lists are difficult, and will a considerable amount of time - Drafts galore.  You want to make sure you are involving those who genuinely support your union, and your future as a married couple. It's okay for you to reserve "plus ones" exclusively for married couples. If the inability to bring a guest deters your single friends from attending, were they really that supportive in the first place?

3. Take your time:

Prolonged engagements are great, I personally encourage them. It allows you to process everything without feeling rushed, and worried that you've missed something. It's also a foul proof way to avoid the cloud of "wedding debt", especially if you budget correctly. 

4. Choose your party wisely:

Having a large wedding party may have perks when it comes to splitting the cost of your Cancun bachelorette. However, gathering a large group of individuals on one accord, can be painstakingly difficult for many couples. You want to make sure you choose individuals who are excited about your wedding, supportive throughout the process, and understand of your requests. Now this doesn't mean ask your bridesmaids to purchase $500 dresses. Communication is KEY, and honesty is vital. Inform your entourage of the cost upfront and understand if they are unable to participate. 

The Wrap Up

Obviously, I have to suggest that you at least reach out to a wedding planner first. Our goal is to alleviate the stress level that comes with planning, and as I always say, WE LOVE WEDDINGS!  Many brides would agree that hiring a wedding planner upfront, would have saved them many unnecessary headaches. There's so many amazingly talented, and creative individuals, just waiting to help you live out your wedding dreams. So use your resources, do the research, and ENJOY the moment. 

- Happy Planning :)

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